I Will Setup Online Radio Station and Teach You Operating (Premium Package)


PRO “Online Radio Station Package”



Will you start an online radio station with SHOUTcast or Icecast? Iā€™m here to help you completely. I can set up your radio station and teach you all the basic things and give you training on how to keep broadcasting with AutoDJ and Live Program through TeamViewer. I must show you how you can switch Live Show from AutoDJ and Live Show to AutoDJ because this is the most important as a beginner.

If you purchase standard or premium package I’ll take care of adding radio player into your website. Please check the premium and standard package also.

šŸ‘‰ I’ll do all the radio server configuration.
šŸ‘‰Ā I’ll access to your PC/Laptop to set up broadcast/encoder software and connect to the server.
šŸ‘‰Ā I’ll teach you how to manage live broadcasting.
šŸ‘‰ I’ll teach you how to upload songs for autoDJ.
šŸ‘‰Ā I’ll teach you how to switch/swap autoDJ to live broadcast & live broadcast to autoDJ.
ā­ļø I’ll answer any question related to the radio station till one month after the work is done.

Any question regarding Online Radio Station is welcome. Please contact me with your detailed question.



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