Islamische Religionspädagogik

That is another project of Islamic theology department of “University of Vienna”.

That is their about us in Google Translate

The young science Islamic Religious Education as part of Islamic theology analyzes the religious teaching-learning processes and reflects them in the new context of Muslim children and young people. In addition to the academic tradition in Islam, Islamic religious education combines empirical, hermeneutic and tradition-critical perspectives in teaching and research and tries to encourage students to reflect on the existing conditions in religious teaching and learning processes and to orientate themselves on the subject.

In the course in Islamic Religious Education, students are also enabled to develop Islamic teaching and the religious field of Muslims in a European context in the context of Islamic tradition and to meet the challenges of the professional field in school, community and society.

In research, the department “Islamic Religious Education” cooperates alongside the various faculties and institutes in Austria with numerous international universities and institutes, placing the focus on the educational processes and the world of Muslims in Europe and trying to avoid deviating from their own To solve traditions, to shape Islamic theology out of the European tradition of thought.

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