Make A Private Blog Network With No Google Footprint

Private Blog Network

Recent times Google has changes SEO(Search Engine Optimization) rules. After this updates called Panda updates and Penguin updates, lots of webmasters are so crazy to save their website from Google penalization! Because they did tricky SEO like spam comment, spun article and submitted thousands of article submission sites, forum posted as dumb! And created backlinks in any pages even that site did serious spamming. Google has announced to save users (who search on time to get actual content. They are promised to view more correct result when people search on search engine. Many webmasters are given opinion against this update. They said that was really cruel decision, and it does not help virtual area anymore blah blah ….

But, I don’t think so! I am happy to see this update and really wish to keep like this update shortly. Why I telling this? Do I just tell to be a supporter of mighty Google? No. I support this new update for seeing benefit of webmasters. Ask me how? Yes, this is an advantage of website publishers. They don’t need to spend time on doing OffPage optimization now. Someone removing their spam backlinks by hiring people from Freelancing Marketplace. So, bad backlinks are now scare thing! OnPage optimization is going to be more powerful day by day.

Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network

Is it not good? You don’t need to spend time or money to do SEO but, Google will give you full SEO benefit even more. Google will find quality content itself in current SEO update. You just publish content and wait for a sweet result from Google search  I know many web publishers was hired someone to do backlinks and full SEO work. Even still some people are kept do this! I’m sure they will pay hardly for that mistake. Google don’t look to emotion but walk as rules. Google will definitely punish by penalization. It was very easy to rank a page by building huge backlink even this site doesn’t contain any value to get the rank, and many pages got SERP(search engine result page) by this way although this page had no worthy to get this! Now this new update wipes out all the odd of this SERP.

Well, I did discuss about the benefit of new SEO rule and my position is against tons quality fewer backlinks. So, is there no need to make backlinks from others domain? I say: Why not? And of course, you do it. But you need to change your method to do this. Then you can get more facility than bad backlinks. I going to tell you that process. This process name is Private Blog Network.

Now I clear you about benefit of Private Blog Network. Private Blog Network design backlinking within your own website. So, won’t tension if backlinks will removed or other linker domain will down or expired. You will always get backlinks uninterrupted. You will use relevant article. So, your backlinks will be more powerful/valuable for SEO. Your Blog Network website domain will be similar to your targeted main website. So, your backlink will get Google choice for SERP. Everything will be continued if you can hide your identity on Google! Otherwise, Google can destroy everything by deindexed! Yes, that’s main part of making small or big private blog network. How to hide footprint correctly?  You can read every step of that special steps and 100% unique process by reading this book  I can tell you the secret of Private Blog Network with no Google footprint Many tricks but not spammy or bad techniques included in this E-book. You may see buyers commenting about this book. Absolutely positive feedback and says very informatively.

Even you can hire me to do this all process by me, and then you can Hire me. Please feel free to contact me if you need to know something about Making Private Blog Network With No Google Footprint.


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